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R&D information
●Tianyu has following 3 R&D centers with total of more than 180 chemists.
 &nbspHangzhou R&D center,Taizhou R&D center ,and Shanghai R&D center.
● The company has 12 national invention patents and 2 PCT patents (US, Canada) up to the present.
Tianyu Pharmaceutical emphasizes the continuous research and development of new products and new processes. Through many years of investment and development, it has attained a strong R&D capability. While building our brand's core competiveness, we have built a professional R&D team consisting of over 150 chemists with a good number of PhD and Master degrees, who inject infinite vitality into the R&D activities of Tianyu, They have become the strong driving forces of the development of our company.
Tianyu has built three R&D centers, realized a systematic research platform and established industry leadership in the level of R&D excellence. It has obtained the synthesis patents of API like Valsartan,Ezetimibe,Telmisartan and Aliskiren, and won multiple provincial- and municipal-class technology and development prizes.